What is it about ?

Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.

The mate tea is made out of chopped dry mate leaves.

The name of the tea is actually ,,Yerba’’ (herb).

The original term ,,Mate’’ means ,,drinking container’’ which they used to drink out the mate tea with a straw.

When the tea gets harvested there are two ways to process it:

The roasted Mate ( Chá Mate)

The leaves, leaf stalks and shoot tips go into a spool of wire where it turns over a fire. Through this, enzymes get destroyed and the fermentation gets stopped. The color and the characteristic flavours stays.

The green Mate (Taragin)

The chopped leaves are running through their fermentation for one month in 50 to 60 degrees. Subsequently they get heated for one minute in 400 degrees. The water content is going down from 60% to 25%. 

After that it gets chopped again until its ground powder and it gets packed.




The fresh leaves contain 0,35 to 1,7 % caffeine.


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